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The art of negotiating

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The art of negotiating

Chapter 1: On Negotiating

This chapter defines negotiating. The author then gives examples of real life negotiating. The basic ingredients for negotiating are then given. The author then explains the importance of negotiating in the business world. Sales negotiating and real estate negotiating are the major points of business negotiating that the author touches upon.

Chapter 2: The Cooperative Process

In this chapter, the author explains that negotiating is not a game. The object of negotiation is for both parties negotiating to win. Mr. Nierenberg explains how to reach a relative balance when negotiating. Also in this chapter, it is explained what should be done when the negotiating process gets out of control.

Chapter 3: People

This chapter deals with the fact that all negotiations are done between two human beings. The reader is taught how to understand people. This is done by helping the reader to figure out if an individual acts instinctively or rationally. Predicting another person's behavior is also covered in this chapter. Understanding why a person reacts the way they do is broached in this section.

Chapter 4: Preparing for Negotiating

In this chapter, the reader learns how to prepare for negotiating. The author says that the first in preparing for negotiations is to ?know thyself,?

or understanding how you will react in certain situations. Also to properly prepare, you should research who and what you are negotiating. The newer methods of negotiating are also discussed, including psychological ways of negotiating.

Chapter 5: Hidden Assumptions

When we are born we start making assumptions, according to the author. Assumptions can cause serious breakdowns in the negotiating process says Mr. Nierenberg. The wrong meaning ascertained from something someone says can cause negotiations to stop. The author then gives examples of this happening.


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