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The age sex distribution of the Canadian population from 1851 to 1999

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The age-sex distribution of the Canadian population from 1851 to 1999

The demographic changes which have
occurred in Canada have reflected the
growing population of Canada throughout the
sixteenth to the twenty first century. Canada
has experienced a population boom in the last
century, however, it only constitutes for about
one percent of the world's population. The
age sex structure has changed due to a variety
of causes in part due to the impact of western
civilization such as better health and increase
use of birth control.
Relatively greater number of men rather then
women came to New France in the early days
of Canada. This resulted in a imbalance of
men versus women until the late nineteenth
century. The population shifted from a mobile
population to a settler one. The number of
men has not decreased until the late twentieth
The gradual aging of the population during the
twentieth century and the longer life
expectancies for women have eroded the
percentage of men to women. The excess of
men versus women can still be found in rural
communities across Canada, however, in the
cities the reverse has taken place. Women
tend to concentrate in cities due to the
employment opportunities and better social
services. The number of females
outnumbered the males over seventy five
because of the lower male life expectancy
after sixty five.<...

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