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Escher was an artist, but not your everyday typical type of artist. He wasn't a no Monet, the famous artist working with watercolors and painting flowers. Better yet he was no Michelangelo, studying the human body and sculpting beautiful images of the human. He was trained as a architect, but M.C. Escher was far from a Frank Lloyd Wright; he never designed magnificent houses and buildings. Many of his work though, was based on the designs of ancient animals and buildings.
Tessellation In Mathematics
Tessellations have been well know since ancient human cultures and can also be found in the mother earth, but tessellations haven't had a been taken serious till the later years of its time period. One of the first studies of tessellations (by mathematics), was by Johannes Kepler in 1619. But sadly, about two hundred years passed before new scientific studies about tessellation's was made.

Tessellation In Science

Beside from being studied in math or geometrical studies, tessellations and tilling have been study with x-ray crystallography. X-ray crystallography is a science with the repeating arrangements of identical objects ...

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