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The main cause of terrorism is reform, weather it be political, governmental, or religious. The most common cause of terrorism is religious reform because it usually last much longer than the other two types. The fighting in Ireland and Middle East has been going on for a very long time and they have many people and countries to back them finanicaly.

The area of conflict which has generated the most significant and ruthless spillover of terrorist violence since 1968 is, of course, the Middle East. This may seem surprising in view of the astonishing breakthrough in negotiations between Israel and the PLO, the agreement on the Declaration of Principles in September 1993, the agreement between Israel and Jordan, and the continuing efforts by Israel and Syria, encouraged by the USA, to resolve the prolonged dispute over the Golan Heights. Nonetheless, if one defines the Middle East as including Algeria and Turkey, both of which have spawned conflicts involving considerable terrorist violence, including some international spillover, this region remains the most dangerous source of

terrorist challenges to the wider international community, accounting for over 21% of all international terrorist incidents worldwide in 1992, and over 23% in 1993.

There are four basic motivations for terrorism in the Middle East.

1. Bitter opposition by Rejections of Palestinian groups to the agreement between Mr. Arafat and the Israeli government. These groups see Arafat as a traitor who has betrayed the cause of Palestinian self-determination.

2. In almost every Moslem country there are groups of extreme Islamic fundamentalists, inspired and actively encouraged by the Islamic revolutionary regime in Iran, ready to wage Jihad against pro-western Arab regimes, with the aim of setting up Islamic republics in their place.

3. However, the Islamic fundamentalist ...

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