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Terrorism: Counter Measures Considered

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Terrorism: Preventive Measures Considered
Tim Durant
ENG 122 English Composition II
Instructor: Jennifer Chagala
January 20, 2014

Annotated Bibliography

Barrett, R. (2012). PREVENTING THE FINANCING OF TERRORISM. Case Western Reserve Journal Of International Law, 44(3), 719.

A very good article that touches on multiple aspects that prevents terrorists from gaining financing. The Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) is taken into consideration along with the progress and challenges that face the legislation.

Another aspect discussed is developing proportional techniques. Keeping the CFT flexible and sharing intelligence is critical in keeping funds out of the hands of terrorists.

Crapo, R. H. (2013). Cultural anthropology. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.

This is a mediocre introduction to cultural anthropology. It is sufficient but not very deep. The Author does cover a variety of topics giving this volume the feel of a survey.

The material definitely has a left leaning bias. The book will however give readers a taste of the varieties of cultures in our world.

Foxell Jr, J. (2003). The US War on Terrorism: Prospects for Success?. American Foreign Policies Interest, 25(3), 177-198.

This article addresses the use of technology to assist in the prevention of terroristic threats. Hypothetical examples are used to convey the possible effects that technology could have in the fight against terrorism. One example is the use of the United States Coast Guards Automatic Identifying System or AIS. This system allows the Coast Guard to monitor automated identifying signatures of ocean going vessels for up to thirty miles. Combined with coastal watch programs anti-terrorist capability could be vastly improved.

McCauly,C. (2010). Testing theories of radicalization in polls of U.S. Muslims. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 12(1),296-311

This is an interesting look at the attempt to understand the basis of support for terrorism on an individual level through polling data. American Muslims were polled on a variety of topics in an attempt to understand those who sympathize and support terrorism.

The topics included were perceived discrimination and alienation. Muslims living in the west believe they are being discriminated against. Radical Islam, the permeation of all levels of life is an indicator of support. Economic and political grievances, which are used to exploit recent immigrants and youth, are also discussed. These three factors are looked at when considering support for terrorism.

Mcloughin, J.,Noone, G.P., & ...

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