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Ten years fron now

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Ten years fron now

What? How? When? Ten Years?

It always amazed me to see that I constantly change my

answer to the question of where do I see myself in ten

years. I will be in the mid thirties in ten years

from now, and by then I will probably be more

grounded. As always, my answer is depended on whom I

hang out with at the moment as well as leisure

activities I am engaging in. Sometimes I see myself

in my favorite movies characters such as babe from the

movie "pig in the city," or a part-time working wife

as in "Stepmom". Other times I see myself in an image

of the lady who did the advertisement for Christian

Children Charity encouraging people to donate money

for the poor. I can see myself in many forms and

shapes of life; however, many of them are just my

imagination. Beyond all that imagination, I often

see myself as a productive individual in the society

as a red-cross nurse, a divorce woman with no

children, and/or a widow living with my chronically

ill mother.

Becoming a productive member in our society is my

dream. I like to work as a nurse to make positive

differences in people's lives. To me, nursing is a

very important role in our society because it serves

people in both physical and emotional when they are

most in need of care and attention. I see myself

through helping others. And in helping others to

achieve their maximum level of function, I find

happiness. I realize that there are still many

unfortunate people, especially those who live in the

third world countries, suffering from illnesses. I

keep on telling myself to do something to get close to

those people who are in uncomfortable stage of living.

And the only way for me to do it is to work my way to

become an experienced nurse. Thanks God, I am

becoming a license nurse in no more than a month. I

feel that my dream is half way fulfilled. I now deal

with more and more sick people, and the amazing thing

about it is I never get bore taking care for them over

and over again. Moreover, I even feel worthy when all

that I do is referring a patient to a health clinic

that can help with her particular needs. Everything

else regarding my imagination or my dream may changed

over time, but the self urge to help the sick won't

ever be changed even in ten or twenty years from now.

To be more helpful to the society, I need to continue

my education to become an ...

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