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Teenage rights

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Teenage rights

The Rights of the Young American Dismissed

Under the eyes of god we are all created equal, and under the foundation of the country with gods blessing all patrons of the great USA are created equal. Right? Well that's what I thought until my eyes were opened this summer to the cruel REAL world. Is there any reasoning that befalls the United States Police Force to undermine the future of the USA? Are we so evil that we must be ?Plagued? by the constant harassment of the police to follow us wherever we go no matter what we do? Are we so naive as to let this continue in the world that is supposed to be our Peaceful and Humble abode? No. We are the ones that will soon run this country and change starts with us. So here is our voice. Listen if you will, or listen if you wont. Either way you will hear our voice. We are of millions in size and will not fall to the beck, call, and command of those who only hold age higher than us.

Inside this document of our complaints, compliments, and worries you will hear how the young leaders feel and suffer. Points will be explained and many voices will talk. This is not just the viewpoint of me, but that of the entire generation around me. I am just the ?message bearer.? Take offense to the following if you wish. Though this is not meant to offend, it is meant to constructively criticize. We are here not to exploit ourselves within the name of heroes. We are here to undermine the wrong and uphold the right.

POINT 1: Stereo Typical Teenager

On Sunday night, September 5th 1999, friends and I were eating outside of Apple Valley McDonalds. Two Apple Valley Police Officers approached us in their vehicles and asked us to leave. Upon a friends departure I threw, a hand signal, which is known as ?Peace.? Deriving from the old hand signal of victory from the war. It is a hand motion that consists of the middle finger and forefinger being placed in the upright position and the thumb crossing behind them. Do not let this be confused with a gang sign, as did the two police officers. I was told that I was to receive a citation upon the next time I threw this ?Gang Sign? in public, for Disorderly Conduct. Upon our leaving a police officer followed the car of ?John Doe? for a block and a half and then pulled over his vehicle. There was no reason for the officers to follow his car in the first place. Upon pulling over his car I walked over to ?John? and proceeded to ask what they pulled him over for. I was told to back away from his vehicle by the police. As I did this I was then told to place my hands on the hood of their vehicle. I was placed in the back of the police car and detained for about 25-30 minutes. I was now able to view the procedure in which the police take to write and deliver a ticket. What I know now scares me. When did the United States Rules and Statutes for the Police Force of the United States include criticizing, laughing at, and joking about the situation in public? In fact when was this all included even in a private conversation. Now I am no lawyer but as a voice of many I can say that I know this is Non-Ethical and Unjustified behavior coming out of anybody, and especially a citizen highly upheld by society as a whole, that is their to protect and serve. Though I maybe wrong they are not there to humiliate and disrespect, as we are not allowed to our elders. This situation may seem easy to solve to many people. You say, ?Don't throw the ?peace? sign anymore.? Why should we as a culture have to change our behaviors that in no ways have effect on the society as a whole or as a part? In fact all it is, is a sign of respect and departure to those whom you know and respect. Is this so wrong? Is it so hard as to understand that we may be different but not dangerous?

Point 2: Destination for the Minor

This summer was a summer like most for many. We hung out around the metro area and talked over food. Problem, we were not allowed to hang out. We received many warnings from multiple police officers over this span of Rosemount, Apple Valley, Farmington, and Lakeville. Warnings about loitering in the lots of businesses and parks of these cities. We have nowhere to go. Nowhere to play. Nowhere to park our cars and hang out with friends and to meet new people. What are we to do? Where are we to go?

The question, after time, ...

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