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Teenage Girls And Eating Disorders

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What is thought of when the word disorder is said? Why do most teenage girls try to lose weight? Teenage girls often go through a stage where they want to lose weight fast. Often times this is brought on by lack to attention or a need for acceptance. The problem with the teenage girls is that they do not understand the dangers that follow these eating disorders. Without being told about these dangers they may never understand. Teenagers often think that losing weight is a great losing weight is a great, quick fix to all of their problems, but without being told the dangers of eating disorders much harm can be caused.
There are several eating disorders is which a teenage girl can try. These disorders are always an unsafe way to go about losing weight. The thing is that these girls do not understand how unsafe these disorders are. One of these disorders is known as Bulimia the "binge and purge" disorder. In this disorder the girl eats whatever she wants and as much as she wants. Later she feels guilty or ashamed and she worries she has eaten too much. She then resorts to making herself purge all she has eaten. She does this until she has lost all of the food and feels relieved. This becomes habit forming and the teenage girl learns to binge and purge at every meal or snack. Anorexia is another popular quick fix for the teenage girl to lose weight. Anorexia is a disorder in which the girl just does not eat. The girl will start off with not eating one meal until she is eating no meals at all. She will go for days at a time without eating. This goes on until the girl is satisfied with herself. Often the teenager is never satisfied and continues to be anorexic until it is too late. Teenage girls often resort to taking diet pills. The girls read the boxes of the diet pills and think because it says, "appetite suppressant", they need not eat. The girl just takes these pills right before ...

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