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Teenage Drinking

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It is a fact that teenage alcohol use is a widespread problem in the United States, despite the 21 age minimum for legal drinking. More and more teens are beginning to drink in the privacy and safety of their homes and at parties with their friends.
It has been estimated that more then 100 million alcohol drinkers in the United States. A large majority, approximately 11 million, are under the age of 21. Many of these 11 million are currently high school seniors, who openly admit that they have tried or currently drink. Many of them also admit to have taken their first drink by the time they turned 12. Of the 11 million under-age drinkers it is estimated that 5 million are either binge or heavy drinkers.
So why are teens drinking alcohol despite the age restriction? Simple it's because of advertising company's for large beer and alcohol companies glorifying drinking through commercials, radio ads and movies. It is estimated that by the time a teen turns 18 he/she has seen an estimated 100,000 beer commercials. With teens making up a large number of TV viewers and radio listeners, they are exposed to these advertisements on a daily basis. Some ads put out by beer companies seem to be directed at a younger crowd. Take for instance the Budweiser frogs and iguanas. They have a playfully image that can be received by children and teens.
It is known that drinking alcohol has very negative effects on the human body. Molecules in the alcohol act as neurotransmitters and turn cells off in the Reticular Activating System, RAS for short. When these cells turn off you become drowsy, your cerebellum is tricked to think you are asleep and you begin to stumble and fall. The alcohol also affects your speech, making it slurred and hard to understand.
What causes teens to drink? Teens start drinking for many reasons that are not very complicated. One very strong issue on determining whether a teen will drink is heredity. If either of the teens' parents have ...

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