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Teen Workers

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Social Issues

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Fifteen years old and working seems to be becoming a norm and in fact
there are many teenagers younger than fifteen who are already working at paying
jobs. Some of these students are as young as 12 years old.
More than half of the secondary school students have paying jobs. This
number grows each grade level the student goes up. The number of hours also
rises along with the grade level. The kind of job varies depending on the sex
of the child. Boys tend to deliver newspapers and girls tend to babysit. As
the teens grow older the job interest change with teenage girls turning to
restaurants and retail outlets, while the boys will work in the family business
, restaurants and other food related businesses. The hours that the kids have
to chose from are usually form 6a.m. to 8a.m delivering newspapers and 8p.m to
6a.m. for babysitting. Most other jobs are scheduled 3pm till 10pm during the
week while weekend jobs tend to have schedules of 7 to 8 hours per day.
The Higher Education Board says that working more than 15 hours a week
is bad for the academic career . As the work hours increase the study time
decreases. Current research finds that a work schedule of 10 hours or less
seems to be the best and for most teenagers a schedule of 10 hours does not
effect their academic performance, in negative ways but in fact seems to help
them do better in school shown by improved grades. Those teens working 10 to
15 hours per week are in a toss up situation with some doing well while others
struggle. It is at the 15 hour level that things change and the work starts to
effect the teens performance. Although there seems to be no direct relationship
between the hour spent working and the hours spent studying and how this effects
the grades, there does seem to be a relationship between the number of hours
worked and the absentee rate. Those students working weekend jobs and spending
most of the weekend time at say a fast food restaurant tend to miss more scho ol.

It has also been found that working more than 15 hours has not been
proven to be a cause of dropping out of high school. Failure at school is the
biggest reason for dropping out and the effect of failure at school can be but
is not always caused by a student working. Most often the student who drops out
does so ...

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