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Teen Violence And Its Causes

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Legal Issues

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"Teens are violent, cold and unremorseful because their families
neiborhoods and society are violent. Teens care so little about others
because so little care has been shown them (MacDonald 1A)." Many children
today in society contain hate and bitterness, and because of this do they
become a problem. Many argue that children become what they become because
they make their own bed for themselves in life. I am in total disagreement
with this theory. I stand by the fact that children become what they
become according to their upbringing and the environment they were raised
in. Parents determine the life a child will lead. Parents are the most
important factor in a child's life. How they treat and act to their
children will determine how they become morally and sociably to society.
Divorce, lack of love, lack of discipline, and lack of attention are all
factors that support that parents determine how a child becomes. Parents
are role models, and raising their children together, with love, with
discipline, and with lots of attention is not only their job, but their
responsibility as parents. Parents determine how their children become.
As the years go by, we see a higher and higher divorce rate. As
this rate goes up, so does the crime rate. Couples today have forgotten
the word commitment. As a result of this, the children suffer. It is hard
to grow up with separated parents. Most children become bitter or angry as
they grow because of their divorced parents. In some cases the parents
fight or argue which can affect a child, and may adapt the child to be more
aggressive. Also, when raising a child in a divorced atmosphere, what kind
of lesson is he/she learning? They will learn that a commitment is not a
serious thing. That can affect them when they go for a job, or get married.
Since parents become role models to their children, they must not lose
sight of the fact that I do, means I do. A child needs both parents to
always be their, show love for each other, which that love reflects upon
the child. A child needs to around as much love as possible, but when
he/she is raised in a divorced atmosphere, they lose that love that only
two parents together can give them. "Love, the idea goes, is nature's way
of getting sexual partners to stay together long enough to produce and care
for a child (Flanigan H05)." You can't properly raise a child separated.
When couples make the commitment and have children, divorce is immoral and
unjustifiably wrong. "I do" is a really strong phrase, life changing.
Couples have take time and realize how much of a commitment that is. Even
though people say divorce is inevitable in some relationships, those are
the couples who need to realize not to bring a child into this world. Some
say, "It was an accident", BS. There are no accidents when it comes to the
subject of a child's life. And causing pregnancy is a reason to get
married, but the risk of divorce for couples who marry for this reason is
at this time, is well over eighty percent. Divorce is wrong and cause a
child to become depressed. And a depressed child is not a functioning
child, psychologically. And an unfunctioning child is at risk of becoming
psychologically unbalanced. This all can lead to drugs, alcoholism, or
even abuse to themselves or to others. Then they have become a child that
is immoral and a problem to society. All this from divorce, all this
because of parents, and an outcome of a problem child. "Children need both
their parents (Raspberry A04)."
"Love, we've heard is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the
wise. It's a disease which fills you with a desire to be desired (Flanigan
H05)." Love must the basis when bringing up children. Love must be
fulfilled by both parents and the child must feel loved. Only love can
bring a child up to be moral and a great person in society. A child
without love will not grow up right. Love is an emotion, but also an
important value in a child's life. Sue MacDonald of the Cincinnati
Enquirer writes, "Unattached children will likely become loners or seek the
nurturing aspects and values of another group, such as gangs (MacDonald
1A)." She goes on to quote that the capacity to care for is really tied
into how you were cared for. That ...

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