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Technology The End of Mankind

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Technology The End of Mankind

Technology: The End of Mankind


The human race is slowly, but surely, contributing to its own demise. This sub-conscious suicide is being carried out in more than one way, but the most apparent one is technology. Technology is advancing at a pace so rapid that it will eventually lead to the self-extinction of the human race.

The most current and pressing issue that falls into this category is the infamous Y2K bug. This is the virus that is going to cause every computer in operation to go haywire when the year 2000 comes around. Some of the things will be effected by this are personal computers, ATM's, air traffic control and street and traffic lights. Even if none of these theories pan out, the hype alone that is being created by the media is predicted to cause enough chaos and pandemonium by itself. In a recent survey, it was proven that over 50% of the American people are afraid of the bug and what it will do. If this matter is not addressed soon it will be responsible for many casualties.

Another branch of technology that has caused casualties in the past and is bound to cause many more in the future is weapons. The weapon that has had the most impact is the gun. It has killed millions, not only in wars, but in everyday life as well. In addition, there is the atomic bomb that killed thousands at Hiroshima. ...

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