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Teaching Respect To Children

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Social Issues

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Many people have ideas on how to reclaim the virtue and morality
that made America a great nation. However, the only sure way that everyone
can achieve this goal is if parents start teaching and demonstrating
respect to their kids. The dictionary defines respect as- 'to have regard
for the quality of a person' or 'to refrain from obtruding upon or
interfering with'. The problem with society today is that there is a
complete lack of respect. The lack of respect is evident everywhere, people
have no respect for the law, they have no respect for their peers, and they
definitely do not have any respect for themselves. What parents need to do
is from an early age teach their kids to respect everyone, from the person
sitting next to them in school to their coworkers in the future. People do
not understand how much better the nation would be if the respect was there.
Even if some parents do not teach their kids this valuable trait, if enough
people are taught to respect others it will catch on. In most cases, if
someone shows respect to someone else, that person is more likely to
respect them back; causing a chain reaction.
Right now, not enough parents are teaching their kids respect and
this causes violence, crimes, and can even ...

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