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Tattoos On The Heart

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Tattoos On The Heart

During his time of being a associate pastor at Dolores Mission Church, the poorest parish in the Los Angeles archdiocese, Boyle was evangelized by the poor and from that moment on had a calling to walk with the poor. The poor gave Boyle access to the gospel, and he was then sent to Dolores Mission instead of Santa Clara, and this changed everything. Boyle starts up Dolores Mission and Homeboy Industries on a
The question of what is compassion is something that comes up in the Folsom Prison, Father Gregory Boyle was discussing with a group of inmates about some short stories, and during the discussion the ideas of empathy and sympathy and compassion arose. Most of the members knew that sympathy was feeling sorry for someone, an example one of the inmates gave was, "when your homie's mom dies and you go up to him and say, "Spensa-sorry to hear bout your moms.""(pg. 62) Then when empathy was talked about, another volunteer quickly defined it as, "empathy is when your homie's mom dies and you say, "Spensa, bout your moms. Sabes que, my moms died six months ago. I feel ya, dog.""(pg.62) Then when Boyle asks, "What is compassion?" There is a silence and people are unsure to what it may be. Boyle discribes compassion to us in a way that most would not think to be the definition of it, but he says that compassion is "not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It's a covelent between equals. Al Sharpton always says, "We're all created equal, but we don't all end up equal.""(pg.77)
The visit to Pritchard at the end of the chapter on compassion was really a big part in Boyle's life. He and Memo are able to take their wounds and realize the similiar wounds that Pritchard has and they join to create a loving relationship. The pain of others has played a large role in his life, and when Memo returns to his homies, he will find that there has been a beloved comunity of equals all of which have been forged and fostered under the same roof and their compassion will bring all of them closer together. While at the Pritchard Memo understands the true meaning of what compassion is, and this will help him to have true and meaningful relationships. Memo says to G, "I don't know whats happening to me, but it's big. it's like for the first time in my life, I feel, I dont know the words... I feel compsssion for other people suffer."(PG. 82)
A huge theme in this story is love, almost all of the ideas revolve around love and the changes that the characters have to go through to get there. Boyle is able to see beyond past experiences and is able to show that everyone is deserving of god's love. Almost everyone would look at these young people and think they are monsters, but they are not, and Boyle is able to see that when others are not. He is able to see that most, ane just scared kids looking for a place in life. When they wish to leave the gang life, they come to Boyle, or "G", for his teachings. He truely touches many people in the story. ...

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