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Symbols Present On A College Campus

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Social Issues

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There are many symbols that are present on a college campus, some are frequently thought about, while others are taken for granted. First it is necessary to define the term symbol, a symbol is an act or object that have come to be socially accepted as standing for something else. This can often be described as language or something as simple as that, however there are many other things that fit the definition of a symbol and that can allow us to interact with one another. One of these symbols is that of the clothing a person wears, by seeing how a person is dressed it can help you to interact with them on many different levels. You can tell if you have similar interests to the person or what kind of activities he or she is currently partaking in. Therefore the clothing a person wears can allow for what sociologists would define as symbolic interaction, ...

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Keywords: symbols of university, status symbols of college students, symbols of college

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