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Success Secret: A High Emotional IQ

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Social Issues

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This article keys in on a different type of intelligence called
emotional intelligence. Psychologist Daniel Goldman wrote the book titled
"Emotional Intelligence" in 1995. Emotional intelligence consist of: self
-awareness, impulse control, persistence, confidence and self -motivation,
empathy and social deftness. Coleman has published a later book on this
topic, which is the sequel titled "Working With Emotional Intelligence''.
The book zeros in on how these qualities of emotional intelligence can
make or break a persons career. We are all being judged everyday where out
in the world, either by our bosses, co-workers, family, or friends. So in
fact, it is very important we stay on top of our performance and the way we
carry ourselves. Most corporations today look for communication skills,
interpersonal skills, and initiative skills in a person all those things
have to do with emotional intellect.
There are actual course that are designed to help people strengthen
the weakness that a person has within themselves. ...

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