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Strange explanations

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Strange explanations

Sleeping disorders occur to millions of people around the world. People say that they are medical problems, and some people would just say it was stress. Then there is the explanation that some people choose to follow that is the explanation that aliens had abducted these people. People around the world resort to many different forms of explanations for things that have happened. Some of these are pretty sensible, while others are completely off the wall. Strange explanations are used for many things, the Puritans chose to explain the strange behavior of young girls in the community by saying witches had possessed them. In today's time we still use strange explanations, this can be shown in the idea of spontaneous combustion and alien abduction.

The Crucible brought to life the depressingly, amazing story of the Salem witch trials. Even better it showed how a sensible group of people could take an ordinary situation and give it an extreme explanation. When young girls of the village began to act strangely, the explanation that witches were to blame was quick to be accepted. "I knew it! Goody Osburn were midwife to me three times?My babies always shriveled in her hands" (47). Soon people of high status are being accused. It's as if no one is safe from the crazy explanation that has stemmed from a very ordinary situation.

Rebecca's in the jail?They've surely gone wild now, Mr. Hale?My wife is the very brick and mortar of the church, Mr. Hale-and Martha Corey, there cannot be a woman more closer to God yet than Martha?. Believe me, Mr. Nurse, if Rebecca Nurse be tainted, then nothing's left to stop the whole green world from burning (71).

In the end, the only thing the Puritan's succeeded in explaining was ...

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