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Stone Temple Pilots

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Alright, so here is what I know about STP. The are a
band that was formed in San Diego in 1988. Weiland hooked up with Robert Deleo
at a show in California and then picked up Eric Kretz. and then after finally
convincing Dean Deleo to come to California They were officially known as Mighty
Joe Young. They recieved their first gig in 1990 in a place in L.A. After a
couple of years they got a big show in L.A. They hired agent Don Muller and he
told atlantic about Mighty Joe Young. After a while the band signed with
Atlantic. Unfortunately during recording Mighty Joe Young was told that a singer
had already taken the name Mighty Joe Young. After about a month the band came
up with Stone Temple Pilots. Finally The band finished their album CORE in
september 1992 and it went platinum. it was followed by a second release PURPLE
two years later which also was a big hit and with the Herion addictions aside,
Stone Temple Pilots is one of the best bandson the planet- or any planet..Early
labels of Pearl Jam Wannabees or Nirvana soundalikes have long since disspated,
and Weiland and the boys have created a wall of sound all their own..Sometimes
an all outfrenzy of driving energy- (Sex Type Thing, Meatplow, Trippin on a
Holein a Paper Heart), to the more subdued tracks of Creep, Pretty Penny, and
Big Empty. The STP trademark sound can be best heard on Plush, and Interstate
Love Song..Classic Rock and Roll for the new generation.. This band has it all-
variety, talent, harmony, lyrics and a great overall concept for each album
released.. It would be hard for me to say whichalbum is the "best" as each
carries with it its own style andflavor. Core is STP's forray into "pop"
culture carving out an immmediate presence in the "alternative" arena..Next,
came Purple- although sales were not quite as impressive as their first, this
album dives into new territory for the band..Best tracks include Insterstate
Love Song, Vasoline, Big Empty, and Pretty Penny. Their newest- Tiny ...

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