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In this high-speed high tech world there are many stressors everywhere u look. People need to know how to deal with stress, because stress can lead to all kinds of illnesses it can even lead to death or suicide. I will write on the causes of stress the effects of stress and some ways u can deal with stress or at least reduce it.

Many people can become stressed out for different reasons, but most people have some common stresses in their lives. One of the biggest stressors is the workplace. With deadlines, noise and having to be worried about being fired its no wonder people become stressed out because of work. Or if you are in school the same things apply having deadlines and grades to worry about can add stress to you no matter what grade level you are in. But an additional stress school can give is finical if your grades drop u might loose your scholarship and have to pay your way through. Another big one is traffic, the fumes and noise and bad drivers can really pile on the stress. I personally hate bad traffic because, of people cutting you off and tailgating and not using there turn signals, that all can add greatly to your stress not to mention it might give you a case of road rage. And finally on off the greatest of all stressors BILLS and other fiscal matters. Ah the dreaded word bills I bet your already thinking of that stack of bills you have at home or might be getting in the mail today. If you are that right there is proof of what a big stressor this is no one like handling bills cause all you do is watch your money slip away. And also if you come short one month on your bills you get the additional stress of fearing for your possessions which you worked hard for at that stressful place called work.

There is many ways stress can effect your body not to mention your mind. For one thing and probably the most common headaches and or migraines are cause by to much stress. Also ...

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