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Muscle enhancers are exactly what they say they are. They are dietary supplements and drugs that increase mass and build muscle bigger and faster. There really is no reason for muscle enhancers to be fake. They work for almost all people. However it's not whether or not they work you should be worried about as much as the side affects of them. The most well known side affects are genital shrinkage acne and ?roid rage.? However there is a much more extensive list of side affects documented.

There are two types of muscle enhancers. Legal and illegal. It's pretty obvious which ones are which. The people who get to decide which ones are legal or not are government agencies such as Food Drug Administration. There are many other government run agencies but the FDA decides what's what. First of all there's the more well known legal enhancers such as creatine and your common store bought supplements and weight gainers. The most popular however is creatine. This has become one of the most accepted new supplements out on the market. ?So far companies that sell the supplement are cashing in on big profits. In 1997, there was $3 billion worth of creatine sales in Canada and the United States and sales continue to rise.(The London Free Press)? ?Creatine is a nutrient naturally found in the body. In muscle tissue, creatin converts ADP (adenosine diphosphate) into ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the ?fuel? that powers muscle contractions. But there is only enough ATP ?fuel? to power about ten seconds of muscle work. For brief, intense workouts, more ATP must continually be supplied to the muscles. With extra creatine supplementation, muscle cells can make and use more ATP. This helps prevent fatigue and helps muscle gain strength, power and size. (Rocky Mountain News)? One of the less well known legal enhancers is androstenidione. It is used by the famous Mark McGwire. It is a natural supplement just like creatine only it has a more potent effect. However little if nothing is known about this new miracle supplement As little is known about this drug it is thought that this can have side affects especially for young people. ?? because the supplement, androstenedione, is essentially a building block of the male hormone testosterone, some researchers believe it has risks, especially for young people going through puberty who could face stunted growth or even liver damage.(The Associated Press)?

Of course everyone knows about steroids and that they are not legal, but most people don't know the different types of steroids and how they work. Most often first time steroid users start out taking the pills orally. However when these steroids are introduced to the body for a long time this way is no longer as effective. ...

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