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Stages Of Change Model

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I came upon this article in Nutrition Toady Volume 31 #4 from August 1996.
Nutrition Today isn^'t quite the magazine you would find me reading, but
to tell you the truth this article interested me greatly. The author is a
lady who has a nutritional doctorate. This article includes many claims
about what it takes physically and mentally to eat right and keep a
healthy body weight, but at the same time it proves those claims with many
The big question is if dietary behavior change is difficult, how can
health and nutrition professionals effectively intervene. The author uses
the Stages of Change Model as proposed by Prochaska and Colleagues for
addictive behaviors consists of six dynamic stages. The six stages are:
Precontemplation, Contemplation, preparation, action maintenance, and
termination. Precontemplation is when an individual is not considering
making any changes. Contemplation is the time when an individual is aware
there ...

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