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Spot diagnosis

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Spot diagnosis

Spot Diagnosis

Psychiatrists and Psychologists around the world are

entrusted with the minds of millions of people who are in a less

than perfect mental state. What is it exactly that we expect

from these professionals when we send our loved ones into their

offices? I am not sure what I expected from them, but I know

that I put all my faith and trust in the hands of these capable

professionals and felt less than faithful about their

professionalism and quality of care.

A few months ago, I took my mother to St. Peter's Hospital,

due to her suicidal expressions. I felt helpless as my mother

deteriorated each day, and knew I could not make her better by

myself. We arrived at the hospital emergency room and waited an

hour to see a crisis counselor, this person asked to speak to her

alone for about 20 minutes. After this period I was told my

mother was suffering from minor depression. I asked that she be

retained in the hospital against her will if needed be, because

of her suicidal threats and strange behavior. He then told me

that she could not held involuntarily, but if she volunteered

then she could stay. Because I felt she definitely needed help,

I was forced to try to convince her to volunteer. She admitted

to the counselor that she wanted to die, and I felt this was

reason enough to detain her. I left the hospital that night only

to have my mother call me in the morning at 8:00 am to be picked

up. She had not seen, been treated by, nor diagnosed by a

professional Psychiatrist. I was left with the responsibility of

supervising her and ensuring she did not harm herself.

Three weeks later my girlfriend ...

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