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Sports Pyschology

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Sports Pyschology

While playing the game of baseball I realized how hard it was for me to succeed in the game. I?ve learned in high school that no matter who much you practice or train, the most important aspect to build in the how to play the game mentally. I came to realize this because during my sophmore year in high school when it appeared to my peers and coaches that I had the physical and skills to play but lacked the mental attitude to play. My coach recommended the book ?The Mental Game of Baseball? written by well known sports pyschologist H.A. Dorfman. After reading and applying the principle of that book, I became a whole new baseball player.
During my sophmore year in high school, I was the team's starting 1st baseman. I worked hard in practice, showed tremendously good potential when practicing, but I could never manage to put all my skills together on the baseball field. It was pretty evident since, I made 8 errors and batted .100 during the first ten games of the season. Thereason I felt that I wasn't performing well was because I felt I had to impress everyone. As a first baseman, I felt tremendous pressure to make all the play because I account for 70 percent of the outs. If I made one error it could set back our team. As a hitter, I put to much emphasis of trying to get a hit so I'll still be kept in a lineup. I know I needed help on my mental aspect of the game. As a high school student, it would be pretty difficult to afford a sports psychologists. I purchased the book ?The Mental Game of baseball.? It was more affordable to read the works of a sports psychologist than going to one.
While reading the book, I learned to become a better baseball player. The book states 80...

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