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Sophistic movement

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Sophistic movement

The vast majority of today's society isn't the slightest bit aware of the tremendous influence the sophistic period of thought has had and continues to have on modern western politics. But how could a supposedly highly educated and intelligent people be so ignorant of such an important and significant epoch in our history? It was during the fifth century B.C. when the sophistic movement, founded by a man named Protagoras, was at its prime. The sophist were recognized as highly skillful teachers by many and their works on issues such as the efficiency of language and the existence of gods were considered to be revolutionary at the time. Not every one was in aggreance with these new philosophies and not long after the movement began, the sophist and their works were being harshly persecuted. Many of them were exhiled and their works were all but completely annihilated. Now, very little is left of the sophists, except for what other prominent theorists have said about them. At the head of this condescending army was Plato, whose own theories opposed those of the sophists in numerable . Anyone who has read some of Plato's writing can tell you that what he had to say about Protagoras, Gorgias, Prodicus and the other sophists was by no means benevolent, and according to G.B. Kerferd, nor was it a completely factual description of them. Unfortunately, since these innacurate depictions are all we have left, the generations that were to come accepted Plato's hostile opinion of the sophists and it is for this reason that the word sophist is now found to be synonomous ...

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