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Some People Are Really Stupid!

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Can you guess what's sweeping the people of our great nation? Well if you can't let me help you out a little. By some it's considered an epidemic. It can result in the death of the infected subject and the people near him/her at the climax of the infection. It's not inherited, or carried by some giant blood sucking mosquito from deep in the south African jungle. No cure is in sight. You have it from the day your born but stays hidden until it feels like rearing its ugly face. Some people get it worse than others and then there's those few who get it so bad you just can't help but sit back and say, "good gosh!"
If you haven't figured out what this potentially disastrous problem is then allow me to enlighten you. I don't know what the big shot scientific name is but us tax paying, hard worken, non government funded country folk call it stupidity! Take a moment to sit back and think about it, almost everywhere you look now a days you see somebody doing something really stupid. There's more people infected with the stupidity epidemic than with the AIDS virus. As you can see this is no laughing matter, it could be a threat to man kind. Realizing this I decided to research the subject and try to find a cure for it. I decided to only concentrate on the real severe cases. So I choose a few candidates to research upon. One of my top "lab rats" I discovered watching CNN one night. His name; William Clinton, AKA Bill. This a very severe case of stupidity that can not be cured medically and obviously not by the Senate ether, only God holds the healing hand. The information you are about to read will at first sight seem fictional and out of this world, but I assure you it is all confirmed totally true in every aspect.
To get started lets analyze these few cases of really stupid people. Shut your eyes and try to imagine this, you'll get a real hoot out of it. Imagine yourself on highway 401 in Pickering Ontario, 1988. Imagine you're in your car and a man pulls up beside you, you notice he's messing around with something in the car. You see his window go down and then you see him stand up and hang his tall, full moon out the window. You also see that he is trying to drive at the same time. All of a sudden you see him fall out the window like a vacuum sucking up a marble. You gasp, but can't hold back your laughter as you see him skidding across the road on his bare behind. The only injuries he suffered were serious road rash and a bruised pride. Guess you could say something like this only happens on a "black and blue moon!" Another guy decides it would be pretty fly to saw through a full propane tank, and fly he did, from his back yard to all the way across the street. Somehow he was not injured but the small crowd of on lookers got their heads shaved for free. Another guy who ...

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