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Solar Energy

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Centuries ago the Greek mathematician Archimedes used sunlight to set fire to invading ships. In the following paper you will read more about the wonders of its many uses and how it works. You may also find facts like why it was invented, how it started, how it is used today, and how it is hoped to be used in the future.
has been used for a long time for example in 1772 a French scientist named Antoine Lavoiser constructed a solar furnace hot enough to melt most metals using a huge lens that focused sunlight into a small area. Using this he was able to create heat that at that time only sunlight could provide. Also in Chile a huge water desalting system worked well for nearly 40 years. Ocean water was pumped into troughs. Sunlight that was shining through panes of glass evaporated the water that then condensed water with no salt in it on the glass, which was then collected by running into other troughs.
Early 1960's when we found out how to put satellites and astronauts into orbit a source of power was needed to be found that would ...

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