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Sociology an overview

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Sociology-an overview

Sociology is the study of people and thier relationships and behavior in groups. Sociology studies how and why people of certain groups possess certain characteristics. Sociologists feel that human behavior possesses truths that can be discovered. They also study defferent types of groups stemming from the largest, a society, to smaller groups such as religions and cultures. To make these discoveries, sociologists develop theories. These theories are generalizations that include two mahor classifications, Large or Grand theories and small or partial theories. These theories are developed to explain different types of behavior in derrenct settings. large theories ty to explain group behavior as a whole, and small theories only try to explain parts of behavior.

Sociology is a science because it uses theories to try and make discoveries. But unlike many science disciplines, sociology does not have universal meanings for freqiently used terms. This being true, we can still make general definitions for key concepts in sociology. Socialization can be explained the formation of a person's attitudes, bekiefs, behavior, etc. through the influence of their environment. Roles are exactly that. The roles that people are assumend to play. Where people work or what they do ...

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