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Societal changes to improve li

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Societal changes to improve li

Today's society is much different than society was a century ago, or even thirty years ago. Society is constantly changing and reforming to improve the conditions under which we live. Technology, medical health, and social acceptance are all examples of areas that were changed and reformed to improve our living conditions.

Technology has advanced more in the last century than it has since the dawn of time. We've seen developments to every aspect of life, from cars to microwave ovens to computers. The one thing that all of these technological marvels have in common is their goal to make life easier and more efficient. Are lives can be so much simpler in today's society. If we need water, then we don't have to go out to the well, we just turn on the tap in our kitchen. When we want to send a message, fax and e-mail are much faster than "pony express". No longer do we have to get logs for the fire, today we just turn up the thermostat. However, these luxuries in life can lead to a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle.

To that end, improvements in medical and physical health have been made. Diseases which were once considered deadly and hopeless, are now considered minor annoyances. Vaccines and other treatments have led to the demise of many "killer" diseases. We now know more about nutrition than we ever cared to know before. As a result, people are more diet conscious than ever. People are able to make decisions to eat food that will benefit their physical health. Exercise is another important facet of physical health. ...

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