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Snoring annoying or dangereous

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Snoring annoying or dangereous

Snoring: Annoying or Dangerous

Throughout the entire world a person's habits have thoroughly irritated another's. These habits are may annoy one person more than another, or not annoy another altoget-her. With such a highly varied and intensely personal list of annoying habits available, it appears difficult to choose the worst. However, one habit is so annoying that at times it is life threatening. This irritating and dangerous habit is, snoring.

There are many reasons for my choice. The first is that it is snoring disrupts what is a basic necessity of life: sleep. Trying to sleep while close by a person you normally care for is making noises resembling road construction is difficult to say the least. Pat-iently you wait for the noise to subside so you can try to quickly fall to sleep. If that doesn't work you try gently pushing the human chain saw in order prompt them to be sci-lent. Soon you are tempted to smother the snorer with your pillow for a moment of si-lence, half-caring if they survive the encounter.

Secondly, it is almost impossible to convince a snorer that they, in fact, snore. Nothing short of taped evidence is enough to convince them, and in some cases it's not. It almost appears that snorer's have a genetic trait to deny their ...

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