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Smokey the bear sutra

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Smokey the bear sutra

In 1950, a careless act turned into tragedy when a fire burned wild and swept away over 17,000 acres of forest watershed land in the Capitan Mountains, Lincoln National Forest. When the fire had died off, a badly burned cub was rescued from a charred tree. This cub, later named ?Smokey,? was taken to the National Zoo where he lived out the rest of his life. Smokey was soon used to create an animated bear aimed at informing people of forest fires and fire prevention. The ?Smokey the Bear? ad campaign was extremely effective and is still being used today as a way to inform the public of campfire do's and don'ts.

Advertising is a $125 billion industry that attracts the attention of the public. Advertising is used as a tool of persuasion in television, magazines, radio, billboards, and in-store displays. The incredible amount of money, artistic ability, and intellectual energy spent on advertisements helps us understand the great power of the media and the advertiser's ability to control their viewers.

Advertising in today's society is largely based on brand name recognition. It doesn't matter how good the product being sold is, but rather how good the product's advertisements are. A consumer is more likely to purchase a more expensive item because it has a flashy advertisement than buy a cheaper product they have never heard of before.

The American public has a very short attention span, so only the most colorful, attractive advertisements will hold a person's attention long enough to see what the ad is selling. For instance, sex is used to sell just about everything. It is perhaps the only element that can be used by advertisers that the public will never get tired of seeing. A good example of this is alcohol advertisements. What does sex have to do with alcohol? Nothing, but it gives off the impression that when one drinks alcohol it will lead to sex. Of course, this is true to some extent, but the two do not go hand in hand. They are completely separate entities that cross paths more times than not, but alcohol advertisements give off the idea that when you purchase a case of beer, you are in store for a good night of sex. Ads like this are very misleading but it proves just how gullible the American public can be.

The alcohol company Budweiser uses three frogs to sell beer to the public. These frogs have no relevancy to alcohol whatsoever, but did prove to be very successful in raising sales. These frogs were used to make the consumer laugh, and that is why when these people go to the store they are more likely to buy Budweiser over any other beer. The Budweiser commercials make people laugh and feel good, and therefore give off the impression that their product will make people feel good.

Similarly, advertisers are trying to sell a new lifestyle, rather than a product. Alcohol and tobacco ads are often associated with being ?cool.? One of the most famous characters of this method of advertising is Joe Camel. He gives off the impression that smoking Camel cigarettes will make you cool. The ads by alcohol and tobacco companies are aimed primarily at teenagers. The reason for this is that they need new, young drinkers and smokers to replace the dying ones. A long trend when selling to men or women is to have beautiful models in the ads of the opposite sex. Men like to be reassured of their masculinity and women of their femininity. This is why Marlboro's ads have masculine men with tattoos and scruffy beards. These images that advertisers portray to the public are an example of how advertisers are giving the people what they want, which is reassurance that men and women can be whomever they want to be. The only catch to this ideal life is that the advertiser's product is the only one that can provide it.

Young people are targeted most often because of their ...

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