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Sir William Wallace

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Sir William Wallace

When the king of Scotland

died without an heir to the throne the nephew of the king also the king of

England nicknamed Edward the Longshanks (Edward I) took the throne for himself

and complete control of Scotland.

William WallWhen the king of Scotland died without an heir to the

throne the nephew of the king also the king of England nicknamed Edward the

Longshanks (Edward I) took the throne for himself and complete control of Scotland.

William Wallace was Born

in January of the year 1272. He was the second of three sons. He was born in

the town of Elerslie, which was in Scotland. His Father Sir Malcolm Wallace

held the title of knight but had little to no political power. Wallace's Father

was involved in a revolt called Turnberry Band when William was 14 years old

and was sent to live with his uncle Argile. His Uncle taught William Latin

and French and how to be a swordsmen.When William's father returned from the

revolt at Turnberry Band William was 17 years old. Fighting between rival

families and rival towns were heating up. Civil War was about to Break out

in Scotland. Brawling and riots inside towns turned into full scale battles,

Where in the Battle of Loudoun Hill William's father was involved and killed.

William Stayed with his mother For two years until he met Murron Braidfoot

and married her in the year 1272. There are many tales on how William Wallace

became and outlaw after his marrige, one such is that one day Wil

liam was

fishing at a near by lake when a group of english soilders approached him and

demanded william give them the fish ...

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