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Simplifying Radicals

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Simplifying Radicals

Hey, I went over your email that you sent me yesterday and your absolutely right
Simplifying radicals is not as easy as it seems. Just the thought of square roots even scares people, well good thing that's not the case because im going to take you straight through the steps on how to simplify radicals, But Before we can simplify a radical expression, we must know the important properties of radicals. For example say we were to simplify the square root of 45, now lets think what number is a factor of 45? The answer is 9, as well 9 is a perfect square. So now you have radical 45 = radical 9x5 once you use the product property, you will have radical 9x5= radical 9 and radical 5, therefore your simplified answer would be 3 radical 5.
Now lets say If the number under the radical has no perfect square factors, then it cannot be simplified further. ...

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