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Should Abortion Be Supported?

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Abortion is a very controversial topic today. What is abortion? It is the removal or induced expulsion of a fetus. Once a fetus is formed, do we have the right to take its life? It is difficult to discuss this topic among a large group of people because everyone has a different opinion towards morality. For my own opinion, I think that it should not be supported because it is a crucial way of killing. However, the Principle of Happiness and Utilitarianism may sometimes support the abortion as a moral action according to different situation.
As we all know, abortion is legal in the United States. For years, Right to Life organizations have been protesting to change this law to rid our country of abortion. The Catholic church is one of the biggest Right to Life organizations in the country. They stress that people should think and behave with standards of high sexual morality. If we were all to practice high sexual morality, there would be fewer teenage pregnancies, illegitimate babies, and consequently no need for abortion clinics in our country. However, some special cases might still existed. For instance, a fetus may have a high chance of being born mentally ill, with a handicap, blind, or AIDS. In such cases, according to utilitarianism by which to produce the greatest happiness to the greatest number, then people should have the right to have abortion because it will cause both emotional and economical burden to the parents. Because of the new invention and technology, we are able to find out the worse fetus existing by blood test before getting married even though it isn't a hundred percent accurate. At least, it is one of the means to decrease the probability of giving birth to physical and mentally unhealthy child.
As today's teenagers are more and more curious about sex, parents should educate their children about sex and the negative outcome of premarital sex and abortion. The Catholic church feels that the family and its values have changed through the years with the growing divorce rate and its "contraceptive mentality" which violates the integrity of marriage. This is one major drawback that the church concern about. When presenting the negative aspects of abortion, we should associate abortion with less serious offenses such as contraception and divorce. This topic will become easier to present to the public without producing other resentments. Abortion should be treated as a life issue instead of as a sex issue. This sort of approach is easier to present politically. If the church can gain the support of the government, both these underlying forces will be able to spread an important message about this crucial life issue.
In order to represent this Right to Life cause properly, we must make people aware that the life of a child begins ...

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