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Should a superpower establish

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Should a superpower establish

Should a Superpower Establish a Sphere of Influence?

This influence, that was felt around the world, led to many wars and possibly prevented a holocaust. It was a visible defensive action and an invisible security wall. The real importance of this question is not "should" a sphere of influence be established, but "why should" a sphere be established. Is it really to protect your neighboring nations for the evil of "capitalism" or "communism," no. A sphere of influence is a cushion to soften the blow if the enemy is attacking. Nuclear war would destroy everyone nothing a sphere of influence can alter, but a conventional war, time would still be the main factor. For example, if the Americans attacked Russia and there were no spheres of influence surrounding Russia the Americans could penetrate Russian soil on the same day they attacked. Now, if the spheres of influence were surrounding Russia the story would be different, the outcome positive for Russians. Their are two positions one could take on this problem. Superpowers should or should not establish a sphere of influence in the world. A positive answers justification would be that a sphere of influence protects you from the enemy and also protects weaker nations from the threat of a hostile takeover. A negative answer would claim that this influence impairs smaller nations from making their own decisions and removes their freedom. My position on this question is yes. Smaller nations represent uncertainty, that could spell disaster. Especially those nations that are geographically close to my own nation. With so much uncertainty, so close to my own nation. One would be unintelligent to ignore such a problem.

The first example of the importance of a sphere of influence, are the Soviets nearing the end of world war two. Stalin's main objectives were acquiring the eastern bloc nations. During the Potsdam and Yalta conferences, the allied members were trying to set up rules so that no nation could gain any territory in the outcome of the war. The soviets were on a completely different level taking over nation and using them as a defensive measure against invasion. The point of Stalin's motives are measured in right or wrong but valuable or not, Stalin saw having these spheres of influence extremely important.

Not only is establishing a sphere of influence essential to national security, maintaining one is just as important. The Cuban missile crisis, ...

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