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Ships' Contribution to Cultures and Economies

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Ships have contributed to different cultures and economies by trading, hunting, and travelling. Without ships the transport industry wouldn't have been developed. Ships are the most effective and beneficial transportation due to their variety of reasons. Most importantly it is used for trade goods such as silver and gold with other countries which has helped the world economically.
Trading through ships was very important. In source 3 it states ?at least 500 amphoras some with the capacity of 22 liters others with a capacity of 10 liters were found.? ?Large assortment of ceramic wine cups and bowls, a cooking pot, a bronze bucket and ladle.? These quotes back up the fact that ships were very importantly used during trade. These quotes state that the ships carried many items for trade and were transporting back trades they had made.
Traveling was a very important factor in culture and economy. Many used ships to travel ...

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Keywords: how have ships contributed to different cultures and economies

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