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Sexual Addiction

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, can be better defined if compared with other types of
addicts. There is little difference between the voyeur waiting for hours by a
window for forty seconds of nudity and the compulsive gambler hunching on a long
shot. An alcoholic's relationship with alcohol becomes more important than
family, friends, and work. The relationship progresses to the point where
alcohol is necessary to feel normal. To feel "normal" for the alcoholic is also
to be lonely and isolated since the primary relationship he/she depends on is a
chemical and not other people.
Sexual addiction is parallel. In order for the sexual addict to feel
"normal" he/she will substitute a sick relationship to an event or process for a
healthy relationship with others. The addict's relationship with a mood
altering experience becomes central to their life. They will be willing to
jeopardize everything that they love.
Sexual addicts progressively go through stages in which they go further
away from reality of friends, and work. Their secret lives become more real
than their public lives. Denial leads the list of ways addicts distort reality.
They deny to themselves and others that they have a problem. Arguments, excuses,
justifications, and circular reasoning abound in the addict's warped mental
processes. Some of the excuses are: "What she doesn't know won't hurt her,"
"It's my way of relaxing," If my wife would be more responsive,' and 'If I don't
get it every few days, the pressure builds up.' Whatever the rationalization,
it further cuts the addicts off from the reality of the behavior.
The next stage is sex addicts go through is sincere ...

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