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Serach engines

Web Portals

When the term "internet" became a household saying, such did words like Excite, Yahoo, and Lycos. These were the so-called portals that directed Internet first-timers to their destinations and virtually walked them through the World Wide Web. They were and still are the fist place visitors go when they start to "surf" the web. Yet these portals are not just your average search engines, they have a lot more to offer like directories, chat rooms, mail, multimedia, online communities, and customized news. According to Media Metrix and Netratings Yahoo, Lycos, and Excite are the three most popular portals with each of these sites having over 200 million hits per day (Essex pg 74).

The first portal to look at is Yahoo, which has almost double the amount of visits per day the either Lycos or Excite get. Yahoo was the first major search engine and also my personal favorite. It has chat rooms for people of all ages, current news, and the depth of it's directories are unmatched (Essex pg 74). Like the other portals it is paid for by mostly advertisement. You can track stock quotes and mutual funds in real-time.

The next portal to look at is Excite, which like Yahoo has a very good and easy to use directory. The one thing which caught my eye about ...

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