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Seeing establishes our place in our environment. It is a very fine line between what we see and what we know , and it is almost impossible to distinguish fully where one starts and the other begins. 'Margritt' comments on this through his work 'The Key of Dreams'

What we know or what we believe to know affects how we see things. When we you use the expression about being blinded by love It is not a casual remark . The loved one is seen differently . All defects and imperfections fall into second place,

When we look at something it is a matter of choice and we bring it into our reach .When we look at something it is always in relationship to other things. Our vision is ever in movement. We are all part of a visible world .We can see and we can be seen.

We do not see things in the same way .when we look at a Painting or a photograph we are looking at an image seen from the point of view of the photographer or painter ,that is, his choice of subject ,the angle, the pose etc. etc. What we perceive from the photo will not be the same as what the photographers or painter perceives.

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