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Screening Australia

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Pre 1606 ' Aboriginals lived in Australia, nomadic life
1606 the Dutch (Willem Janszoon) sailed to Australia from Indonesia
1642 Abel Tasman the first explorer who reached the islands of 'Van Diemen's land'
1644 Able Tasman made a second voyage named it 'New Holland'
1698 William Dampier not under royal commission made trip to Australia
1766 Royal Society engaged James Cook to travel to Tahiti (Venus) ? Australia
1776 America's creation of Independence
1788 Jan. 26th ? Australia day, sparked use of Australia for British convicts
1788-1850 Convict period
1796 James McArthur, brought some Merino Sheep with him to Australia (business)
1810 ' 1850 Wool production increased by 10-fold
By 1880 Locally born people
1851 Gold was discovered (Chinese came)
1888 Population rose to 3 millions
1880 ' 1890 Nation Formation (economic, political and cultural factors)
1901 Immigration Restriction Policy ? polish a french test
1914 Britain declares war on Germany, Australia did too (help mother country) ? Disaster, National Identity:
1. War reporter reported back that they were very brave fighters
2. Conscription (was not voted for, stayed with voluntary army)
3. Reenactment of settlement
1920 Economic boom after WWI in many countries (also Australia), rural expansion
1934 Great Economic Depression, Australia hard hit, nobody needed goods
1939 British declared war on Germany again for the invasion of Poland, Australia for the same reason as in WWI did too
Dec. 7 1941 ? Pearl Harbor, USA had a base in Australia to bomb Pearl Harbor
Feb. 1942, Japan bombed cities in Australia, Australia first time attacked
- December '41, major shift in Australia culturally, shift to look up to America to form its military and its training alliances of the future
After 1942 Economic boom period (minerals, wool, coal..)
- At that time in 1945, they changed the immigration policy to welcome new migrants especially from Europe
1968 Great Australian Silence
1972 Immigration policy was abolished
1975 huge # of people wanted to migrate to a wealthier country = Australia
1992 Mabo decision
1996 Australia became rich and poured that money back into Australia


End of 18th century/beginning of 19th ? painted from stuffed animal, fox-like kangaroo
Early 19th century, early colonial landscape, Aboriginals in the picture
'VanDiemen's Land' ? trees are European-like<...

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