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Scrawny Lawny

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The Prologue of

Scrawny Lawny

The story of Lawny will be brief and have purpose. His great story will soon come to surface. The lesson i teach will never get old, for the moral with in, seems to be bold. So open your ears, it's not straining to hear, the tale of Lawny will now appear. The Tale of Scrawny Lawny In the airport near Raleigh, was young Scrawny Lawny. He was waiting for his Plane, and not feeling jolly. After a while, the passengers began to board the plane, and everything seemed to be sane. Oxford was his destination, to study english, but that would just be a fraction. Later on the flight, it came to Lawny's sight, a man who seemed to be fidgeting an awful lot. Lawny go to thinking, ...

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