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Science & Nature

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'Photosynthesis - is the process in which light energy is converted into chemical energy.

'Autotrophs - an organism that produces it's own nutrients from inorganic substances or from the environment instead of consuming other organisms.

'Heterotrophs - an organism that obtains organic good molecules by eating other organisms or their by products and that cannot synthesize organic compounds from inorganic materials.

' Cellular respiration - the process by which cells produce energy from carbohydrates; atmospheric oxygen combines with glucose to form water and carbon dioxide.


Metabolism involves either using energy to build molecules or breaking down molecules in which energy is stored. Most autotrophs like plants are photosynthetic organisms. Some autotrophs use chemical energy from inorganic substances to make organic compounds. Prokaryotes found near deep-sea volcanic vents live in darkness. They however use chemicals flowing out of vents to get energy.

The chemical energy in Organic compounds can be transferred to other organic compounds or to organisms that consume food. Heterotrophs including humans get energy from good through the prices of cellular respiration. Cellular respiration releases energy in food to make ATP. This ATP provides cells ...

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