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School has to be more fun

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School has to be more fun

School Has To Be More Fun

Over the years school has become a very hated place for students. Many say it is because the classes are boring, others may tell you that it is because they have to wake up early for the sole purpose of going to school. The only way to make students like school once again is to make it fun, and how would we do that one might ask. Well, it's quit simple really, build a school arcade. An arcade will let school earn much needed money that can go to many different school related events or activities. It will make school fun for students since that is what arcades are designed for, fun. Finally an arcade will increase productivity in the school; students will go there instead of, for example, vandalize.

Firstly, an arcade will earn the school a lot of much needed money which would make everyone, including the students, happy. Arcades are money making machines, people can't just pass by an arcade they have to go there and try a game out, which means putting money in the machine. With this money the school will be able to buy better equipment, like better computers for example. Better equipment will make learning more efficient and therefore more fun. The school can also use the money to organize more sporting events, dances, movie nights and many more. This will make students look forward to waking up early and going to school and will therefore give students more positive energy to learn. Finally the extra money will also help the most important part of the school, the teachers. Teachers can be offered special bonuses for having a high class average or other important statistics. This will make the teachers happy and will therefore make the students happy too. As you can see more money for schools equals more fun for students and teachers.

Secondly, an arcade will make school more fun and will give students something to do in their spare time. The arcade, for example, can be used as part of a communications technology or a marketing class. This will make the class more productive and fun for both students and teachers. It will also make the course more popular and more ...

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