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Child , like other psychopathologies has many documented, and several uncertain causes. Some scientists have evidence that pregnant mothers have experienced an immune reaction that present dangers to the unborn child. is a disorder where the body's immune system attacks itself. is not present at birth but develops during the adolescence period or young adulthood. is a biological brain disease affecting thinking, perception, mood, and behavior. Its exact cause is unknown but overwhelming evidence points to faulty chemistry or structural abnormalities in the brain. In some cases is generic. strikes one in 100 people at some point in his/her lifetime.@ (Compiled by Ontario Friends of , Oct 94).
worsens and becomes better in cycles, also known as relapses and remission. People who are suffering from look relatively normal. Schizophrenics suffer from such symptoms as: delusions, hallucinations, and thought disorders. Delusions are false beliefs that aren't based on reality. Schizophrenics may believe that someone is following them, or planning to harm them. Schizophrenics believe that others can hear their thoughts, also known as Broadcasting, and even change them. ex...hear their thoughts, insert thoughts into their minds, or control their feelings, actions or impulses. Patients might think they are Jesus, Napoleon, or Franklin D. Roosevelt. @ (American Psychiatric Association Annual >90 page 1)
Pregnant women who experience an immune reaction that presents danger to their unborn children, this reaction raises sharply the rates of in the unborn child. Severe malnutrition in the early months of the fetal development may contribute to . It is also known that runs in families. The probability of developing as the off spring of one parent with the disease is approximately 13%. The probability of developing as the off spring of both parents with the disease is approximately 35%. @ (Pamphlet by: American Psychiatric Association Annual >90 page 7)
Hallucinations another symptom which schizophrenic patients suffer from. Hallucinations may be seen or heard. The most common hallucination are those heard by the schizophrenic. The schizophrenic may hear voices that tell them what to do, these voices may warn them of danger, tell them how to feel, or describe one's actions.
Schizophrenics thought process is very loose. Their thoughts may shift rapidly from one unrelated topic to the next. They may make up their own words or use sounds or grunts to substitute words. These symptoms do not mean that people with are out of touch with the world completely, they know that roads are used for driving cars, and that people eat meals three a day.
affect both men and women equally. Along with delusions, hallucinations, and thought disorders, they also suffer from paranoia, high anxiety, low stress tolerance, low motivation, lack of energy and the inability to feel pleasure. This makes work, leisure, relationships and even everyday tasks difficult, sometimes impossible. These are concerns not only for the people diagnosed with this psychopathology but for their friends and family. Family is looked upon for support in not only everyday tasks, but in dealing with this disorder whether its in remission or relapse. With there is the risk of suicide. Ten percent of all people with commit suicide. Either to escape the torment of their illness, or because their voices command them to. @ (Compiled by Ontario Friends of Schizophrenics, Oct. 1994) Many schizophrenics also are incarcerated for crimes that they have committed while in a psychotic state, or are living on the streets, without any treatment. Schizophrenics may become violent while in a psychotic state, and may lose all sense of who they are and who others are around them.
Symptoms such as social withdraw, inappropriate or blunted emotions, and extreme apathy may persist for years, however many schizophrenics have recovered enough to be able to live on their own. Ten years after their first schizophrenic episode, 25 percent of people with have recovered completely. Another 25 percent are much improved and living fairly independent lives; 25 percent, although improved, still need extensive support; 15 percent are hospitalized ...

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