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Bookreport Konstantin Heiller The Sun Also Rises

There is no flabbergusting plot in this book as it doesn't contain twists, intrigues, or goals for any of the characters and the dialogue is the only thing that moves the reader through the book. Hemingway uses so much dialogue that it seems difficult at times to follow who is saying what.

The narratordoesn't often enough credit quotations with, ",he said," or, ",said Brett," or, ",Bill replied." His omitting of these credits is heightening to the story. It makes things come even more alive. As a conversation that you're hearing at a nearby table in a restaurant, the exchanges flowes, with the reader as a more passive reader than in a story written to be read instead of lived. and this story is a short glimpse into Jake's life; his work, his friends, their trip and his love to Brett Ashley.

Jake obviously has received a wound from W.W.I that causes him to be sexually intimidated which distinguishes him strongly from anyone else. He seems to be an observer who is watching the lives of his friends unfold and happen around him - completely without his participation.

Jake is living a life like many other expatriate Americans in Paris. He is living at the cost of money sent from home, practising his favourite occupations such as writing, fishing and boozing. It actually is quite unbelievable ...

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