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Salt Water Can Support An Electrical Current

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The chemical make-up of sodium chloride is NaCl. Sodium Chloride is composed of is composed of a negatively charged chloride ion (Cl) and a positively charged sodium ion (Na). So I believe that when sodium chloride is dissolved in water the two ions that compose the sodium chloride should separate, and support an electrical current that would be supplied by a nine-volt battery
Solutions are evenly distributed mixtures of at least two substances, but they are not limited to just two substances. The most abundant substance in a solution is called the solvent but the solvent is not always the most abundant. The less abundant substances are called solutes. The solvent is always a liquid and in most cases the solvent is water but it is not limited to water. Alcohol is also a common solvent. Solutes are usually solid substances, and they are not limited to only being solids, for example another liquid can be the solute.
Some liquids can dissolve in each other in any proportion; others have limits. If a solute added to a solution above a certain amount will not dissolve, the solution is called saturated. For most substances, solubility increases with increasing temperature of the solvent. In general, molecules that are structurally similar to the molecules of the solvent have the highest solubility. When a solute is added to a solvent, several physical properties of the solvent change. Its boiling point rises and its freezing point lowers with increasing concentrations of solute.
Solutions are similar to other types of mixtures known as colloids and suspensions. Colloids are mixtures of tiny particles of one substance, called the dispersed phase, suspended in another substance, called the dispersion medium. The particles are so small that they remain in suspension indefinitely, unaffected by gravity. Both the dispersed phase and the dispersion medium may be solid, liquid, or gaseous, although the dispersal of one gas in another is not known as colloidal dispersion.
An aerosol is a colloidal dispersion of either a solid or a liquid in a gas. An emulsion is a colloidal dispersion of a liquid in another liquid. A sol is a colloidal dispersion of solid particles in a liquid. A gel is a sol in which the suspended particles are organized in a loose but definite three-dimensional arrangement, giving some rigidity and elasticity to the mixture.
Because of their small size, colloidal particles can pass through ordinary filters, but not through the extremely fine openings in a semi-permeable membrane, such as parchment. Although individual colloidal particles are too small to be seen with an ordinary microscope, they can be made visible by means of an ultramicroscopic or dark-field microscope. The particles are directly visible in an electron microscope.
Solutions are not considered to be solutions ...

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