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Saint Thomas Aquinas

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Micah Roemen

Saint Thomas Aquinas

I chose to write about Saint Thomas Aquinas because I have heard of his life and found it interesting. There was also a large amount of knowledge to research from about Saint Thomas Aquinas. I also knew he is called Doctor of the church and I wanted to learn more about that.

I was interested in Saint Thomas Aquinas because he was misunderstood by his peers and was also called "the Dumb Ox". I wanted to understand how someone can be so misunderstood stood and be a brilliant philosopher. After reading about him I realize he was truly a humble being who did not need to prove himself to anyone. His love of God came first in his life. He was able to overcome the obstacles in his life and pursue his dream of learning about God and the truth. Finding the truth in all things is what made Thomas a great saint. Faith and truth were always his main thought.

Saint Thomas love of God and learning wasn't always respected. His parents sent him to a monastery when he was five years old to study and learn. His teachers were surprised by how quickly he learned and his great faith. Even there though, he still had some trouble. Thomas was a very big man with a kind and humble manner. Because he didn't talk very much, everyone thought he was stupid. They called him 'the ox.' But when they heard him preach everyone realized how wise and pious he really was. After he became a priest, Thomas studied in Paris and then taught at universities in many cities of ...

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