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Saftey on mount everest

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Saftey on mount everest

Did you know that one out of every six climbers dies on each expedition? In my opinion I think that there should be guidelines and regulations to climb Mt. Everest. One reason is that just any person that wants to go up there can pay 65,000-100,000 dollars just to go up to Everest not even knowing nothing about mountain climbing. Second reason is that there are to many people on Everest at one time which can cause bottlenecks and other safety hazards. My third reason is because the weather on Everest. The fourth topic is the turnaround time.

Talking about my first topic which is the money you can pay to go to Mt. Everest and not be in physical condition. When you pay you would be rushed up the mountain and take chances that could possibly end your life just because of one mistake your guide made. Also most guides are in the business just for the money and when you get up there they take you to camp four then on summit day they let you try to get to the top all alone. From the price you pay you should be guaranteed that you would be in a group the whole expedition.

Lets talk about my second topic now which is how over populated Mt. Everest is at one time. The way they should treat this is by having different expeditions sign up to all climb at different times and if they don't ...

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