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Safety In Institutions

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The purpose of this essay is to outline the factors that make certain institutions unsafe to reside or work in. Institutions such as; Prison camps, High school, Maximum security prison and mental institutions all contain dangers for their inmates. From the outside these institutions portray a sense of safety for anyone who works or resides in them. But the truth is that there are physical, mental and sexual abuse, beatings and verbal insults. Many towards individuals in these institutions. Examples taken from the books; Society of Captives, Bingo and from movies; If, High School, The Hill and Tall Boots to Fill.
One of the aspect of an institution being unsafe is the common threat of being harrased physically. Institutions such as; prison wr camps, maximum security prison and high school all demonstarte examples of abuse. A common threat towards inmates, was the fear of a prison official not liking you. In the movie The Hill, the sargent who was second in command, made sure he maximized his authority, by making the inmates know who had all the power. The sargent in this movie expressed his hatred ...

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