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Russia Crisis: Economical, Political, And Moral

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Russia's crisis is not only economic and political, it is moral. The whole country can see that honesty, adherence to civic virtues brings no reward. If you are honest in Russia the chances are that your family will go hungry this winter or your children will not be educated. And there is not just economic hardship in this, there is humiliation, too. The dishonest, on the other hand, thrive here.
Many Russians wonder why the West still supports Boris Yeltsin President Clinton came here and was embraced in a great bear-hug by President Yeltsin. Beside Boris Yeltsin's, President Clinton's woes and his misdemeanours seem trifling. It is mystifying to many Russians that the West still supports Boris Yeltsin, seeing him as a brave and progressive liberal reformer, taking on the twin evils of reactionary communism and criminal mafia business tycoons. That is not how it is seen here.
Mr Yeltsin's popularity is now so low that Russia's main public opinion polling organisation has stopped trying to measure it. It has fallen off the scale. He is associated not with democracy and the free market, but with the creation of bandit capitalism in which dishonesty and graft pay dividends and the ordinary good people of Russia stand in line at bank queues and watch all they have spent their lives building up disappearing before their eyes. That is the Yeltsin legacy.
Russia: A flea market economy

Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin seemed to be talking about a different world when they repeated their shared determination to pursue the free market.

Free market? What free market? There is no effective free market in Russia. It has ...

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