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Rich's "Living In Sin": An Analysis

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In Adrienne Rich's poem, "Living in Sin," a woman, entering a life full of
hope and promises with her lover, assumes that "no dust" will fall upon her
home, nor her perfect relationship. Her life, however, does not fit this
ideal. Both a deteriorating home and relationship afflict her life; these
unexpected results of her efforts in addition to the lack of her lover's
efforts lead to resentful feelings. Because of society's expectations, the
woman accepts her unbearable role. Rich reveals the woman's attempts to
improve her physical environment and emotional life, and her ultimate
acceptance of both situations.

The woman's and her lover's responses to living in a run-down home contrast
sharply. The "dust[y]" atmosphere creates an aura of decay. The reality of
the woman's broken dreams is inescapable. The home, in disrepair, has
roaches coming out of their colonies in the moldings and grimy window panes.
Society dictates that she must take on the domestic drudgeries of life.
In the male dominant society, she alone must fulfill the role of
housekeeper. With the absence of her lover, the woman takes sole
responsibility for maintaining a pleasant household; she alone makes the
bed, dusts the tabletop, and sets the coffee on the stove. The portrait of
her miserable life contrasts sharply with that of her lover. While she
struggles with the endless monotony of house chores, he loafs around,
carefree and relaxed. During her monotonous morning routine, the man
flippantly goes "out for cigarettes." Although he too notices the
problems in the house, he satisfies himself with merely complaining.
Rather than taking action and tuning the piano, the man merely "declare[...

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